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Compliment your lawn with Wasatch Front’s Top Spring & Fall Cleanup Service!

Let’s admit we all love a clean and tidy yard. However, the changing seasons cause the yard to become chaotic and messy. The falling leaves are one of the main culprits of a messy yard.  Tuxedo Yard Care has experienced teams that clean yards and gardens all day every day. They have the tools, they have the know-how, they are ready to take your yard to the next level. Our goal is to make your property look so good that it isn’t even on your mind anymore so that you can enjoy free time with your family. We are prepared to clean your yard in the Spring, in the Fall, and any time in between. We bring you the best quality services for spring and fall cleanups along with flower bed maintenance and pruning of shrubs and trees so that you keep coming back to us.

side of a home cleaned by Tuxedo's Yard cleanup services
Results of a lawn using Tuxedo's Yard and Garden Cleanup Services

We bring life to your Residential Lawn with our Unrivaled Lawn Mowing Services

Tuxedo Yard Care has provided a superior lawn mowing service to countless yards throughout the Wasatch Front and the surrounding areas. We ensure to provide the best quality lawn mowing service that will keep your lawn looking clean-cut regardless of the season. What makes our lawn mowing service so popular is the fact that we pay attention to detail. We handle each lawn in a customized way depending on the requirements of the yard as well as the homeowner. Lawn care is an ongoing process that is never complete, we get it, you have family and a career to look after, let us take yard care off your plate. We mow lawns all day every day making our professionalism unmatched. Fill out the form or call us to get on our schedule.

We customize your Lawn with a Personal touch!

Tuxedo Yard Care has a specialty of adding a personal touch to each yard project depending on the taste of the homeowners. We are the experts in customizing lawn landscapes in Layton. Having worked on multiple projects we have become experts in mowing your lawn according to your liking and requirements. We know that regular maintenance is the essence of keeping your lawn healthy and attractive. We maintain a weekly mowing schedule to prevent mold, overgrowth, and thatch as well as any other relevant issues.

Why Choose Tuxedo Yard Care?

A well-maintained and mowed lawn is the first thing anyone notices about your house and hence it is significant that you keep your lawn maintained. It does not only enhance the appeal of your home but also increases the value of your property. This is where Tuxedo Yard Care comes in! Our team is dedicated and brings you superior quality services that keep your lawn looking pristine every time!

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Whether it is grass cutting, pest control, landscaping, trimming, lawn fertilization, edging or power raking, Tuxedo Yard Care brings you the highest quality and timely services for the best price. We are specialized in keeping residential and commercial properties crisp and clean. Let the professionals take care of your yard throughout the year with their extensive experience, exceptional communication, affordable prices, and utmost care.

So, what are you waiting for? Tuxedo Yard Care is just a call away. Ring us at 801-540-4713 and we’ll see you soon.

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Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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