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Lawn Care in Kaysville, UT

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Tuxedo Yard Care has served northern Utah and the Kaysville area for years, and our customers keep coming back for a reason! We promise to button up your yard with a professional-looking job that you will not get from our competitors. We are a full-service lawn care provider in Kaysville, with services ranging from weekly mowing in summer to snow removal in winter and everything in between. For premium yard care in Kaysville, Tuxedo Yard Care is what you need!

Looking Good In Kaysville

Kaysville is a hidden gem in Utah, but we have known how special this city is ever since we first opened our doors! The number of people and homes in this city has been increasing for the last century, and those homes have lawns that deserve top-quality service. All the yards between Bair Creek and Holmes Creek, and everywhere else in Kaysville, should get the kind of quality care such a lovely community deserves. Tuxedo Yard Care always promises to deliver the best lawn care services in Kaysville!

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

Wesley Harrop
Wesley Harrop
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Had Billy and Xander from Tuxedo Yard Care out to my place for a yard clean up, and I had a truck load of weeds ranging from goat head stickers to tall weeds I don’t have a name for. These 2 guys went to town on my backyard and pulled every weed back there and literally filled their truck full of weeds. They did one heck of a job and I would recommend them to anyone that has an overgrown weed patch they call a backyard like I did. Now I am set up on weed control and lawn mowing with Tuxedo to keep the weeds from coming back. Next year is going to be a great year for my lawn!
Lori Thomas
Lori Thomas
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Mario came on Monday morning, and he was right on time. He installed a new clock, and showed me how to set it up for the different zones. Turned the water on and fixed my sprinklers. He was very professional and personable. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone.
Curtis Fox
Curtis Fox
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James is very knowledgeable and professional. He always has time to discuss the services he is providing and what I need to do to ensure my lawn looks good. This is my first full year using Tuxedo for my lawn and it has paid off.

Lawn Care Services In Kaysville, Utah

Tuxedo Yard Care wants to shine a light on Kaysville to let everyone know how great this community is. We plan to accomplish this by giving you the highest-quality lawn care services anywhere in northern Utah. See below for more details on how we plan to keep Kaysville looking great!


Fertilization and Weed Control – Few things are as important to lawn maintenance as a good fertilization routine. Your grass craves nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which we will feed to your lawn with this service. Our goal is to give you the greenest grass in Kaysville, and we will accomplish that by ensuring that your lawn is always properly fertilized and de-weeded. Since weeds feed off the nutrition in your soil, every fertilization application includes weed control measures to give you a healthier lawn!


Aeration – Our core aeration service is the best way to create a softer turf that will absorb more nutrients. This service will poke small holes in your lawn that allow your turf to become less compacted, so your soil will be able to more easily take in sunlight, water, and nutrients from fertilizers. If you have a lawn struggling with bare spots and standing water, core aeration may be right for you. 


Lawn Mowing – Having grass mowed regularly at a proper height offers many benefits to your lawn. Grass maintained at a proper height promotes healthy photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. When we cut your grass, only the healthiest grass shoots will grow back, meaning your lawn will grow healthier each time we cut it! Well cut lawns also discourage lawn disease and pest infestation. Call us today at (801) 540-4713 for the best weekly mowing service in Kaysville!


Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair – Though automatic irrigation systems are the best way to keep your lawn watered, they involve many electrical and mechanical components that will inevitably need occasional maintenance. Tuxedo Yard Care provides premium sprinkler maintenance and repair in Kaysville, so you can rest assured that your lawn is always getting the perfect amount of water. Aside from repairing or replacing broken parts, we will set zones, set timers, start your system in early spring, and winterize your system in late fall. 


Garden Maintenance – This service aims to keep your yard and garden clutter-free at all times. We can visit your property every month if you have frequent cleanup needs, or we can come out for a one-time service. Leaves and debris can damage your lawn if they are not removed before winter and heavy snowfall. Tuxedo Yard Care is happy to help you protect your yard from winter weather by removing all leaves, twigs, branches, etc. at the end of fall, or we will make sure your lawn and garden are cleaned up first thing in the springtime. Whatever your yard and garden maintenance needs are, Tuxedo Yard Care can help. 


Mulch Installation – We offer the finest mulch installation service in Kaysville. You can select the type of mulch you want in your yard, and we will deliver and install it for you. Mulch helps your lawn retain moisture and nutrients, deters pests and weeds, and, of course, it looks great in your yard!


Pest Control – We will send our licensed pest exterminators to take care of all your pest control needs in Kaysville. Our technicians have years of experience and know exactly how to safely and effectively treat a pest infestation on your property. Our pest control solutions are tested for safety, so you never have to worry about pesticides harming your family or pets… you just get to enjoy the results!


Snow Removal – Not taking care of snow and ice on your property can be hazardous to you, your family, and the community as a whole. Unfortunately, shoveling snow yourself can also be quite dangerous. Let the professionals at Tuxedo Yard Care take care of all your snow removal needs in Kaysville. We have licensed snow removal technicians who have been given the training and equipment necessary to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible. 

Dress Up Your Lawn Today

Tuxedo Yard Care will get your yard and property ready to stun this season by providing the best lawn care services in Kaysville. We promise results that will leave you satisfied and keep you coming back for more! Call us to get started today at (801) 540-4713. 

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Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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What services are you interested in?