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Weeds sprouting all over your yard can be one of the most frustrating parts of spring and summer. Finding recurring weeds and yellow grass no matter how often you tend to your yard can get discouraging, but you may just need a little professional help to get the green, weed-free lawn you desire. The technicians at Tuxedo Yard Care are the only professionals you need to call for fertilization and weed control in Layton. Our program is designed to get you the longest-lasting results possible so you can stop feeling frustrated by your lawn and start enjoying it. Keep reading to see what customers are saying about the difference Tuxedo Yard Care can make. 

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

Kat Connolly
Kat Connolly
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Tuxedo Yard Care did an excellent job with our lawn this year! Timely calls to set up appointments, in and out quickly and efficiently. Best part? No weeds! I would definitely recommend them for lawn care!
Derrick Schweppe
Derrick Schweppe
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When we bought our house our new yard was seriously overrun by dandelions and other weeds. It was a mess. A friend told me about Tuxedo Yard Care and it has honestly been one of the greatest investments we have made for our home. We haven't had a single dandelion in years, not to mention that the yard is easily one of the nicest looking yards on the block. The price is very reasonable and worth every cent!
Wes “Gert B Frobe” Coates
Wes “Gert B Frobe” Coates
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Tuxedo is great, I didn't want to go with the big fertilizer companies, but it was hard to find one that would only do fertilizing without doing all the other yard care as I like to do that myself. Tuxedo will work with you to do exactly what you need, no pressure to do more. I would and have recommended Tuxedo to family and friends!!! Give them a call, they are friendly and professional!!

Fertilization And Weed Control

If you are tired of seeing weeds popping back up in your yard or a lawn that just will not stay green year after year, Tuxedo Yard Care is the solution. We are in it for the long haul, and we will never take shortcuts. Other lawn care companies in Layton focus on giving your yard a quick green-up and grass growth that only lasts for a few weeks. While the immediate results are satisfying, the services provided by most other companies will quickly have you right back where you started. 


Unlike our competitors, we focus on fertilization treatments that help build a better soil so you can have a healthier lawn for longer. Our treatment program is broken down into 6 visits throughout the year, with each visit including an application of fertilizer, weed control, and weed prevention. We offer 3 separate types of weed control programs to ensure that you are getting the best treatment for the specific needs of your lawn. Depending on how and where weeds are growing in your yard, we will focus our weed control on the following:

  • Preventative Plan – We will identify areas where weeds may be likely to grow and apply a preventative weed control to stop weed growth before it starts.
  • Corrective Plan – If weeds have already sprouted in your yard, such as common weeds in Layton like crabgrass and dandelions, we will apply a herbicide to your lawn to safely remove them and get your yard back to good health. 
  • Spot Treatment Plan – Out technicians will analyze the unique needs of your yard and apply localized treatments to areas of recurring weed problems.

How Does Aeration Help?

The type of aeration we offer is known as core aeration, and it is an extremely effective tool for alleviating the stress that gets put on your yard by compacted soil. When soil becomes compacted, nutrients have a hard time making it down to the roots of your grass. The process of core aeration removes small plugs from the soil. The holes left behind from the removed plugs help decompress your soil and allow air and nutrients to flow to the roots much more easily. Once your yard is able to breathe again, the grass will take on a much healthier appearance. If compacted soil is left untreated, many issues may begin to arise that could require even more work to manage. Core aeration helps prevent a number of issues, including the following:

  • Yellow Grass/Dead Spots – If the roots of your lawn can not properly absorb nutrients through compacted soil, you may start to notice dead patches of grass. The holes made during the aeration process allow for optimal absorption to get your lawn looking healthy again. To find out other ways we can help you deal with dead spots on your lawn, ask about our fertilization and weed control service. 
  • Standing Water – Too much water pooling on top of your turf can lead to a number of issues. Standing water can suffocate the grass it covers and invite lawn pests. Core aeration takes care of standing water by creating places for water to drain and get down to the roots beneath the soil. 
  • Pest Infestation – Lawn pests love water that is overhydrated. The standing water caused by compacted soil creates the ideal environment for pests to take control of your yard. Our aeration service will ensure that water and nutrients are drained and absorbed so your yard can get back to full strength. See our pest control service page for more information.

We Go The Extra Mile

At Tuxedo Yard Care, we take time to make sure the job is done right. Part of providing proper yard care is preparing your lawn for winter and making sure that your yard will be protected from the cold and snow. To make sure your lawn is strong enough to take on winter and come back the following spring, our last visit of the year will feature an application of a winterizing fertilizer. This final application is perhaps the most important, as it helps preserve the long-term health of your lawn, even during the off-season. When the snow does come, be sure to ask about our snow removal service. You can rely on Tuxedo Yard Care to take care of any problems that happen in your yard.

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If you are looking for the best fertilization and weed control in Layton, look no further than Tuxedo Yard Care. We promise the longest-lasting results of any yard care service in northern Utah. Fill out the form online or call us today for a free quote at (801) 540-4713.  

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What services are you interested in?