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Premium Pest Control In Layton, Utah

Layton Lawn Care

When most people think about yard care, the idea of safety is not the first thing that jumps out at them. However, the presence of lawn pests can make your yard a dangerous place to spend time when the weather gets warmer. From painful bites and stings to damaged plants and turf, lawn pests harm your loved ones and destroy everything green in your yard. Luckily, Tuxedo Yard Care has provided excellent pest control services in Layton for years, and we would love to help you defend your property whenever you need us!

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

Emily Kelsey
Emily Kelsey
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Our property management company uses Tuxedo Yard Care and they are amazing! They are extremely reliable and very professional! Every time I reach out they are quick to respond. It is very nice to have a company that helps us keep our owners and tenants happy by maintaining the yard and keeping it looking its best! We are very lucky to work with them, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Sue Bevan
Sue Bevan
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Tuxedo Yard Care has provided fantastic service for the past two years. They work hard, are friendly, respond quickly to any requests, and offer very competitive pricing. Their customer service sets them apart from other companies.
Juli Facer Scarbrough
Juli Facer Scarbrough
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I am a Realtor and I refer clients to Tuxedo Yard Care to get their houses ready to go on the market. They do an incredible job making the house look incredible and ultimately help to sell the house quicker! I also recommend them for weekly lawn maintenance.

Pest Control Services By Tuxedo

At Tuxedo Yard Care, it is always our goal to get your yard looking beautiful with every service we provide, but safety remains a top priority. Proper pest control helps preserve the health of your lawn and plants, and it also protects your loved ones against harmful bugs and insects. Below are just a few of the benefits your property receives when you sign up for the best pest control services in Layton!

Healthier Lawns & Plants

Tuxedo Yard Care mulch installation for a flower bed in Kaysville, Utah

Certain types of lawn pests feed on the stems and leaves of plants, including grass, which affects the nutrition supply of your plants and lawn. As plants become damaged due to pests eating them, it becomes much harder for them to fully absorb and utilize nutrition, and those plants will begin dying as a result. Our pest control service will remove these nuisances from your property in order to give you the healthiest yard possible!  

Professional Care

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The pest control technicians at Tuxedo are trained and licensed in Utah, so you can rest assured that your property is getting a professional treatment when you call us! The licensing process ensures that the techs we send out to your home are well versed in the use of the best strategies, products, and equipment needed to rid your home of any unwanted intruders.

Safe & Effective Products

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A big concern about pest control for many homeowners is the safety of their families. The pesticides we use are not only highly effective, they are also tested and proven to be safe for your home. Just a few hours after we apply our treatments, your yard will be safe and welcoming of children, pets, gatherings, and basically anything else you may want in your yard… except lawn pests!

Protective Pesticide Barrier

Pest Control Spray

Protecting your property from bugs and insects does not stop where the grass ends. By applying our safe and effective pesticides around the exterior of your home, as well as all across your yard, we can help ensure that pests never enter your home through any cracks or openings. Not only will our technicians help keep pests out of your house, they will also ensure that no chemicals get inside either. When you go with Tuxedo for your pest control needs, you are sure to get the best pest protection in Layton!

Common Pests In Layton

It is important to know what pests you may find in your yard and what types of issues they may cause. While the presence of some pests may not require immediate action, other pests may pose much more of a threat to the safety of your yard and your loved ones. The following are just a few of the pests that are commonly found in Utah:


  • Boxelder Bugs – These bugs are known for their black and orange colors on their backs, as well as the damage they can cause. Boxelder bugs feed on leaves and flowers, causing plants to wilt and die. They frequently congregate in large groups on the sunny side of houses, and they leave horrible excrement stains all over the interior of homes. Our protective pesticide barrier will keep these annoying bugs outside and away from your property.


  • Scarab Beetles – The presence of scarab beetles often means your lawn has a grub infestation. Lawn grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles, and, while the adult beetles will feed on and destroy your turfgrass, their grubs will feed on the roots under the soil. These beetles and their offspring destroy every area of your lawn and should be dealt with promptly. Ask us about our grub and billgub preventer that is included with our fertilization and weed control service!


  • Ants – Though common ants are relatively harmless to humans, you still do not want to see a line of them marching into your home. Ants love to look for tiny cracks along the exterior of your home (such as doors and windows) where they can enter. Our pest control treatments will help keep these insects outside where they belong. 


  • Spiders – Some spiders are virtually harmless to humans, but others can bite and lead to serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Many types of spiders will stay hidden under brush and fallen leaves in your yard, and you may not be aware of them until you are relaxing on your lawn and unexpectedly get bitten by one. Avoid this danger by calling Tuxedo Yard Care, and we will help get your property safe and spider-free!


  • Wasps & Hornets – Both of these flying insects can and will sting humans when they feel threatened. You do not want to ignore the presence of wasps and/or hornets in your yard, especially if you have children running around your home. Nests can form in trees, under awnings, and many other hidden places across your property. Before someone stumbles across a dangerous wasp or hornet nest in your yard, call the technicians at Tuxedo to make your home safe!

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When it comes to the health and safety of every living thing on your property, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best! Tuxedo Yard Care is ready to make your yard safe at a moment’s notice. Call us or fill out our form online to get a free quote for the best pest control in Layton!

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What services are you interested in?