Leaky Stop and Waste Valve

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We get a lot of calls in the spring and in the fall about this valve, this is your stopping waste valve. It’s a very common valve found on sprinkler systems. And when people are turning these on in the spring or turning them off in the fall, oftentimes we’ll get calls about them leaking and having problems with them. And replacing this valve can be very expensive, because oftentimes, they’re very deep in the ground. And the valve itself is very expensive. And so it can cost 1000 or more to replace this valve if it is leaking. And sometimes there is a problem, and it doesn’t need to be replaced. But a lot of times what it really is, is this hole on the side of the valve, and that that hole is there on purpose, it’s there so that when you shut it off for winter, it will actually drain the water out and depressurize the system and help prepare this valve for winter so that you don’t have problems with freezing. It’s actually a really great feature. But if the valve only gets turned halfway off, or halfway on, water will just continually come out the side of this . And when that happens, eventually water’s going to build up in that area of your yard. And you’re going to go oh my gosh, I have a leak. But in reality, it might just be not completely in the right position. So check this before you call to have it replaced because that might be all it is and a quick, easy fix. So that’s it. Have a great day. See ya.

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