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Professional Lawn Mowing Services in Ogden

If constantly mowing the lawn in spring and summer is more of a headache and less of a pleasure for you, we would like to offer our services! We provide premium weekly lawn mowing in Ogden, and we consider it our pleasure to create healthy and attractive lawns all over this city. You will get some much needed free time and peace of mind when you sign up for weekly lawn mowing services with Tuxedo Yard Care! 

Tuxedo Yard Care Reviews

David Halladay
David Halladay
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We are very pleased with the service Tuxedo is providing to our HOA. Their lawn care teams have had a challenge with the large size of the association, but they have met that challenge very well. Their employees are courteous and very responsive.
Jaimee Lundquist
Jaimee Lundquist
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They are very professional, and their office staff is always so friendly and great to work with. My yard is always looking great every time they come!
Shanade Marcroft
Shanade Marcroft
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Tuxedo has always taken great care of us! Anything I need done they are happy to help! Very happy with their service and quality of work! I would highly recommend them!

Benefits Of Professional Mowing Services

We understand that tending to lawn mowing needs is not everyone’s favorite activity, which is why we offer the best lawn mowing service in Ogden! From the moment we answer your phone call to the last finishing touches to your turf, Tuxedo Yard Care will take care of every last one of your lawn mowing concerns. 


Aside from the actual mowing of your lawn, there are a number of tasks that routinely need to be performed before cutting your grass. When you sign up for our weekly service, you will never again have to worry about any of the following issues.


  • Choosing Equipment – To make your life easy, we have riding mowers, push mowers, trimmers, edgers, and anything else that may be needed to give your lawn a fantastic cut! With our mowing service, you don’t have to buy, repair, or store any of this bulky equipment.


  • Equipment Maintenance – Lawn mowers need to have filled gas tanks, sharp and clean blades, a properly adjusted blade height, and more in order to effectively mow your lawn. Our specialists are trained to address all of these concerns before every mowing job. 


  • Replacing Parts – Faulty spark plugs, dull blades, busted wheels, snapped pull chords, and so much more will never be your problem again! Our trucks are fully stocked with the parts needed to keep your lawn mowing service moving quickly and efficiently, and you will never have to personally worry about the cost or hassle of replacing parts. 


  • Pre-Mowing Cleanup – Before mowing can begin, it is always important to check the lawn for debris and obstructions. Mowing over objects can be extremely dangerous and cause serious damage to your property or even your family. We will remove twigs, rocks, pinecones, toys, or anything else that may be a potential hazard in your lawn. 


  • Post-Mowing Cleanup – After mowing is complete, we always make sure to leave your property spotless! Grass clippings will be blown back onto your lawn for clean driveways and hardscape areas, and hard-to-reach areas will be touched up with line trimmers. We have every inch of your lawn covered!


  • Closing Gates – Nothing is more important to us than the safety of you and your loved ones. Before, during, and after mowing your lawn, gates are always locked and secured. Tuxedo Yard Care takes pride in giving you a lawn that is healthy, beautiful, and safe at all times!

Benefits Of Weekly Lawn Mowing

The importance of mowing your grass to the proper height

Consistently cutting the grass every single week can be quite tedious, but it is one of the best ways to improve the health of your lawn. Tuxedo Yard Care creates beautiful lawns in Ogden by sticking to a weekly schedule throughout the entire growing season. Below are just a few of the benefits you and your lawn receive when you stick to a weekly lawn mowing routine. 


Got errands to run? No problem! You tell us what day we should mow your lawn, and we will be there every week! Get back to doing what matters to you. 

Uniform Growth

Regular and weekly mowing ensures that all of your grass is growing at the same rate/height and even promotes a uniform color across your entire lawn. 

Pest Control

Too much time between mowings can allow pests to invade and take over your yard. Mowing every week will discourage such invasions.

Weed Control

Weekly mowings create stronger turf with stronger roots so that your lawn can choke out any pesky weeds that are trying to steal your lawn’s nutrients. 

Natural Fertilization

Properly sized grass clippings work as a fertilizer for your lawn. Mowing every week ensures that healthy clippings get left behind, so your lawn can thrive between our visits!

Thatch Prevention

Overgrown grass and large clippings will contribute to harmful thatch buildup, leading to compaction, puddles, bare spots, and more. Mowing every week prevents overgrowth.

We Are Ready To Help!

Tuxedo Yard Care is ready to handle the needs of every lawn in Ogden! While weekly lawn mowing is a great start, we also offer other services that can help improve your lawn. Our fertilization and weed control program is sure to enhance the results you see after weekly mowing visits by keeping your lawn strong and well fed between trimmings. Call us today for more information on how our weekly mowing service and other services can give you the lawn of your dreams! 

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What services are you interested in?