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Lawn Care in Riverdale, UT

Expert Yard Care Services In Riverdale, UT

riverdale Lawn Care

Tending to the needs of your yard can be a very time consuming job. Your lawn needs constant attention throughout the year to maintain a healthy, green appearance, and it can be difficult to even know where to start when it comes to yard care at home. Tuxedo Yard Care would like to be your go-to yard care provider in Riverdale and the surrounding communities of northern Utah. If you are tired of the strain on your body and the lack of free time caused by taking care of your own yard, then Tuxedo Yard Care would like to apply for the job!

Making A Difference In Riverdale

We have worked hard to become the top lawn care provider in Riverdale, and we want all our new clients to see the same great results their neighbors have enjoyed for years. Areas like Apple Park and neighborhoods all along Riverdale Road are all promised the same premium services we have always delivered. Call us today at (801) 540-4713 to find out what Tuxedo Yard Care can do for you!

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Dave G
Dave G
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They are ALWAYS responsive to our needs and do not make unnecessary repairs. Tuxedo will always have our business.
Connie Bennett
Connie Bennett
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I was very happy with the work that I needed to have done with my sprinkling system. Dylan was very knowledgeable and efficient. He went the extra mile to make sure the job was done right.
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall
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Me and my wife are perfectionists and can be somewhat hard to please. Tuxedo Yard Care exceeded our expectations and continues to help us with any questions that we may have. I would suggest them to anyone who needs yard care. They are friendly, affordable, and the quality of job is AWESOME!!!

Lawn Care Services In Riverdale, Utah

Some lawn care companies in Riverdale try to get away with providing the bare minimum, but Tuxedo Yard Care is not one of those companies. We offer a variety of services that will keep your yard in tip-top shape all year long. The services we offer are designed to keep your lawn healthier for longer. Keep reading to learn a little more about what we can do for your yard!


Fertilization and Weed Control – We use only premium fertilizers to get your grass as green and healthy as possible. When you choose Tuxedo Yard Care, you never have to worry about your lawn not getting the proper nutrients. As we fertilize, we will apply weed control treatments to ensure your lawn absorbs all the nutrients it needs. Removing and preventing weeds is a vital step in making sure our fertilizer treatments are successful, and you can rest assured that we will never skip a single step when it comes to your lawn care.


Aeration – Core aeration can be one of the most beneficial services for your lawn, but it is often overlooked by many homeowners. When fertilization and watering treatments are not enough to give your lawn the lush green appearance you want, aeration may be the answer to your problems! This process will remove small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn, which will allow your lawn to become less compacted. A less compacted lawn means nutrients and water will have an easier time getting down to the roots of your grass. If you are ready for greener grass in Riverdale, try our core aeration service!


Lawn Mowing – We all know what a tedious job cutting the grass can be. If you take care of your own mowing, you probably have to give up weekend plans or free time during the week. We want to give you back your time and energy by offering the best lawn mowing service in Riverdale! Our lawn mowing is dependable, consistent, and always promises the best results for your grass. You just let us know what kind of schedule works for you, and you can count on us to get the job done the right way every single time.


Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair – With drought conditions that sometimes make it hard to keep your lawn hydrated, having an irrigation system installed can be a lifesaver. Tuxedo Yard Care understands the lawn care needs of Riverdale and northern Utah, and we know the importance of a functioning sprinkler system. If you have broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes and pumps, malfunctioning timers, or any other issues facing your sprinkler system, we will be happy to help! We are fully stocked with the equipment you need for quick and easy repairs or replacements. Call us at (801) 540-4713 for more information on our spring startup, winterization, or general sprinkler maintenance services.


Garden Maintenance – Every yard should have some flowerbeds or shrubbery to provide a bit of personality. From deweeding flowerbeds to pruning your shrubs, Tuxedo Yard Care will take care of all your garden maintenance needs. This service also includes a thorough cleanup for your yard and garden. We will take care of leaves, twigs, or any other objects that need to be removed from your yard. We offer these services on a monthly basis, or you can call us for a one-time cleanup. 


Mulch Installation – Tuxedo Yard Care promises the best mulch installation service in Riverdale! Our mulches come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures, and you can choose the exact type of mulch you desire. After you have made your selection, we will deliver and install the mulch at a convenient time that works for your schedule. Our mulch is guaranteed to look great, and it will provide extra protection from weeds, bugs, and drought stress.


Pest Control – Nobody wants to deal with lawn pests taking over their yard, but the professionals at Tuxedo Yard Care will be happy to deal with your pest problem for you! Bugs and insects can infest your yard quickly and with little warning. We are staffed with licensed exterminators who know how to correctly identify different types of pests, and they are highly skilled at eradicating them effectively and safely. We guarantee a pest-free yard by the time our technicians are done!

Snow Removal – Winter can be dangerous, and we are in the business of minimizing that danger. At Tuxedo Yard Care, we don’t want you to ever have to worry about the hazards that come with shoveling snow and deicing your property. We have a team of experts who are licensed by the State of Utah to provide you with professional snow removal services in Riverdale. We will plow snow and make sure all walkways and areas of foot-traffic are safe for everyone who steps onto your property.

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Our services are guaranteed to leave you happy about the way your yard looks. Providing quality lawn care in Riverdale is our mission, and we take that mission very seriously. With years of experience and a reputation you can trust, Tuxedo Yard Care is ready to be your professional yard care provider! If you are ready to get your yard looking its best, fill out the survey or call us at (801) 540-4713. 

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Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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