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Northern Utah Yard Care Service Area

Layton Lawn Care Experts

We provide lawn and yard care services to a ton of houses in Layton Utah. We have crafted out lawn treatment plans to fit the needs of homes in the Layton neighborhoods.

Layton Lawn Care
Ogden Lawn Care

Ogden Yard Maintenance

Our headquarters is located right here in South Ogden. That means we know Ogden lawns and know how to provide your property with the best yard care in Ogden.

Kaysville Lawn Maintenance

Many of our crew members grew up right here in Kaysville which means we know the needs of your yard making it easy for us to provide the best lawn maintenance service in all of Kaysville.

kaysville Lawn Care
roy Lawn Care

Roy Yard Experts

Roy is located in the heart of our service area. We provide services and work in Roy all the time which familiarizes us with the wants and needs of your lawn making us your Roy yard experts.

Syracuse Lawn Masters

Syracuse is home to some of the most beautiful lawns in all of Utah. We do our part in the lawns we take care of in this area to keep that standard and title. Tuxedo Yard Care is your Syracuse lawn masters.

syracuse Lawn Care
clinton Lawn Care

Clinton Lawn Company

We have been servicing properties in Clinton for over 16 years and we are proud to do so. When people in Clinton think of lawn companies, they think of Tuxedo Yard Care.

Clearfield Property Maintenance

100% Satisfaction is our goal and our guarantee. Property maintenance in Clearfield can be a daunting task but with Tuxedo Yard Care, we can work together to make that task a piece of cake.

clearfield Lawn Care
south weber Lawn Care

South Weber Lawn & Garden

Providing the best lawn and garden services to South Weber is our passion. With so many chores around the yard that need to be done, we are happy to step in and take your property to the next level.

Washington Terrace Lawns

Lawn care is no joke in Washington Terrace. With so many high-quality lawns all around you, it is important to keep your lawn top-notch.

washington terrace Lawn Care
riverdale Lawn Care

Riverdale Lawn Management

Riverdale is one of our favorite places to work and service homes. With the seasons always changing, lawn management in Riverdale is harder than ever but have no fear because our lawn treatment program is here to help.

West Haven Yard Service

Here at Tuxedo Yard Care, we do it all when it comes to West Haven yard services. We do everything from sprinkler repair and irrigation maintenance to mulch installation. Top-quality service is our mission.

west haven Lawn Care
west point Lawn Care

West Point Lawn Treatment

Have a yellow lawn? No worries, our West Point lawn treatment services have the perfect formula to turn your lawn green again. With the perfect mix of lawn aeration and grass spraying techniques, we can provide you a healthy and strong lawn.

Sunset Lawn Pros

We are known as the Sunset Utah Lawn Pros. We have crafted the ultimate lawn mowing program that makes your lawn look flawless. The best part about it is that we don’t only take care of lawns, we also provide one of the best yard and garden cleanup services in all of Utah.

sunset Lawn Care
fruit heights Lawn Care

Fruit Heights Yard Professionals

Fruit Heights is one of the own favorite areas to service lawn care in northern Utah. We take great care in every service thus making us your Fruit Heights Yard Professionals.

Uintah Landscape Maintenance

Providing landscape maintenance and lawn care to Unitah and its surrounding neighborhoods is our passion and expertise.

uintah Lawn Care
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Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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