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Lawn Care in Clinton, UT

Quality Yard Care For Clinton, UT

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Do you work hard to maintain a green lawn but can never get the results you want? Are you tired of other lawn care companies promising those results but leaving your yard in the same shape as when they started? If this sounds familiar, Tuxedo Yard Care wants to show you the difference a quality lawn care provider can make. We have been servicing the Clinton, UT area since 2005, and we want to prove to you why we are the premier lawn care company in Clinton!

Clean Yards In Clinton

Clinton is one of northern Utah’s fastest growing communities. From the beautiful areas near Meadows Park to the west and Kestrel Park to the east and everything in between, Clinton is a wonderful destination for families and new households. We want to ensure that the city’s popularity continues to grow, which is why we always guarantee the best lawn care services in Clinton! Let Tuxedo Yard Care give your lawn, home, and community a professional look that will make you proud!

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

Janet Lindsay Ramsey
Janet Lindsay Ramsey
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Tuxedo Yard Care has been servicing my sprinklers the last two years and I have been so happy to have their help! They are prompt, courteous and do such an excellent job! I highly recommend you use them for any lawn care needs you have. It’s been really nice having them do my spring sprinkler setup and fall clean out and my grass is looking so green with all of their help!
Derrick Schweppe
Derrick Schweppe
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When we bought our house our new yard was seriously overrun by dandelions and other weeds. It was a mess. A friend told me about Tuxedo Yard Care and it has honestly been one of the greatest investments we have made for our home. We haven't had a single dandelion in years, not to mention that the yard is easily one of the nicest looking yards on the block. The price is very reasonable and worth every cent!
Aaron and Amy McNeely
Aaron and Amy McNeely
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Tuxedo has always taken great care of us! Anything I need done they are happy to help! Very happy with their service and quality of work! I would highly recommend them!

Lawn Care Services In Clinton, Utah

Our competitors do not offer the type or quality of services you will get when you choose Tuxedo Yard Care. We truly believe Clinton is an up-and-coming city, and we want to do our part to help everyone see the beauty of this community. Our services promise healthy lawns and happy customers!


Fertilization and Weed Control – Our fertilizers are guaranteed to give your lawn the dark green color and improved health that you have been striving to achieve! The products we use contain the right amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to make sure your lawn never has to deal with the harmful effects of too much or not enough nutrients. With each fertilization treatment, we also provide weed control and a grub and billbug preventer to keep your yard protected against threats of all kinds. Our fertilization and weed control service will make a difference in the health of your lawn that you have to see to believe! 


Aeration – If fertilization and proper watering don’t seem to be improving the health and appearance of your lawn, our core aeration service may be able to help! Lawns that are regularly fertilized and watered often still deal with bare spots or other issues. Your turf may have an excess thatch buildup that is making it difficult for your lawn to get the things it needs. Core aeration removes plugs of thatch to allow your lawn to breathe and absorb nutrients much more efficiently. Our aeration service will take care of problems like pooling water, pest and bug infestations, spots of yellow grass, and a number of other issues.


Lawn Mowing – It’s no secret that most people would rather not spend the time it takes to maintain a properly mowed lawn. Our weekly mowing service gives you back your precious free time and provides you with perfectly trimmed grass every time. With both weekly and biweekly options available, you can give us a schedule that fits your busy life, and you can always count on us to show up for every appointment. Tuxedo Yard Care promises to provide you with the most dependable lawn mowing service in Clinton! 


Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair – Every yard needs to be properly watered, especially during the occasional drought conditions that hit the Clinton area. We provide the kind of high-quality sprinkler maintenance and repair in Clinton that you will not get from any of our competitors. Our specialists have the best equipment available for either a repair or replacement job for your irrigation system. Leaks, malfunctioning pumps, wiring issues, and many other concerns will be quickly and effectively addressed when you go with Tuxedo Yard Care. We also provide both spring startup and winterization for your sprinkler system to make sure that everything is flowing smoothly and properly protected all year-round!


Garden Maintenance – Do your lawn and garden constantly become cluttered with natural debris no matter how often you tend to it? Broken branches, twigs, leaves, and a number of other objects can frequently find their way into your yard, some more dangerous than others. Objects like twigs or stones can easily hide in your turf and cause you to trip and injure yourself, not to mention the harm that can be done if these objects are accidentally run over with a lawn mower. We offer either a monthly or a single-visit cleanup service that will get your lawn safe and clutter-free. This service also includes deweeding flowerbeds and bush/branch trimming, if necessary. 


Mulch Installation – Give your yard a unique look and healthier soil with the best mulch installation service in Clinton! Mulch helps your soil retain moisture, protects the soil from excessive heat and temperature change, deters weed growth, and a number of other benefits that are sure to keep your turf happy. Of course, mulch also gives your yard a unique look. We offer a variety of colors and textures for a mulch that will keep your lawn healthy and stylish!


Pest Control – We are staffed with licensed exterminators who have been protecting homes and yards from pests for years. Our certified technicians know how to remove pests from your lawn, without you having to worry about any harmful side effects to your loved ones. Tuxedo Yard Care puts safety first, which is why our technicians go through trainings on the best and most up-to-date equipment, solutions, and methods for safe and effective pest control. If you are experiencing any pest or bug infestation in your lawn, call us now at (801) 540-4713. We are ready to protect your yard today!

Snow Removal – Our team of snowplow drivers is licensed by the State of Utah, so you never have to worry about whether or not your property is safe in winter. We offer a contract that allows you to utilize our snow removal services up to 14 times throughout the season. Each time we visit, we will remove snow and ice from all walkways, driveways, and other paved paths on your property before we are finished. We will give you the safest and most complete results of any snow removal company in Clinton.

We Provide Results!

Tuxedo Yard Care has provided expert lawn care services in Clinton, Utah for many years, and we are just getting started. Our customers are always guaranteed the best results of any lawn care company in the area. We are so happy to see this community grow, and we consider it our mission to help that process along with top-quality lawn care services. Check out our survey online, or call us at (801) 540-4713 to get started with a free quote!

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Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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