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U Nozzle Sprinkler Head

Hi, James with tuxedo yard care. Today I want to give you a quick tip on nozzles for your sprinkler system. So if you look right behind me here, you can see that the lawn is it’s green right next to the curb right next to the nozzle, it’s up in the corner there. And it’s green further out, but it’s not green right in between. And sometimes what’s happening is the the nozzle there it’s working perfectly, it’s doing its job and doing what it’s supposed to, but it’s just a regular nozzle, and it only has one outlet.

And so sometimes what’s happening is it’s just over-spraying that area and so you’re getting your green grass up close and out further but not in between. And so what you can do is you can swap it out for what they call a u nozzle that has an extra outlet down lower if you can see that there see of the regular outlet plus the one down lower.

And what that’ll do is it’ll create an extra spray pattern that shoots straight down below. And we’ll get that area greened up for you as well. quick easy fix. It’s like $2 nozzle and about 30 seconds to swap it out and you’re good to go. So that’s it. That’s our tip for today. Give us coffee have any questions or need any help with our phone numbers 801-540-4713 and have a great day. See ya.


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