What Was In Your Early Summer Lawn Treatment?

The lawn treatment we just applied to your yard includes: grub and insect preventer, fertilizer, weed killer, iron, and ammonium sulfate supplements.



During the summer months insects, especially grubs, begin to kill your lawn’s roots and destroy your lawn. We have applied an insecticide that will help prevent such issues. If you feel that you have a bad insect problem in your lawn please give us a call so we can put you on our insecticide lawn treatment program. We can also overseed any lawn areas that have been heavily damaged in the past.


The last additive we have put into our lawn treatment is intended to rid your lawn from broadleaf weeds. 



Our fertilizer contains 3 main components: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These key elements will help feed your lawn with nutrients that will help it thrive and survive. In turn, it will help thicken and give that desired beautiful green look.


Ammonium sulfate provides lawns with readily available nitrogen and sulfur. Iron supplements support fast chlorophyll synthesis. Both supplements help lawns green up quickly.


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