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What Is Dethatching?

Dethatching isn’t necessary for every lawn, but lawns that do need dethatching can make all the difference in their health and beauty. When done correctly,

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Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

If you are still asking yourself why you need to aerate your lawn this season, you have probably never experienced the benefits aeration has to offer! Aeration is used to create healthier soil and greener, fuller turf for your lawn. Tuxedo Yard Care dazzles customers every year with the effects of our aeration services, and this article will help you understand why your lawn should be next!

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What Is Aeration?

In the simplest terms, aeration is a lawn care task that creates fuller and greener grass by decompressing the soil underneath. Like all living things, your grass needs to breathe, consume nutrients, and absorb water and sunlight. When your lawn’s soil becomes too hard and compacted, these basic necessities get more difficult to receive. Aeration loosens hard soils so that your lawn can have access to everything it needs for healthy growth.