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Wasatch Front’s Top Pest Prevention Program Make your property beautiful and pest-free!

Your yard is the first thing anyone notices about your home. Bugs and unseen pests not only harm the visual appeal of your lawn by destroying your plants but also pose health risks for humans and pets. This is where Tuxedo Yard Care comes in! We have the best Wasatch Front Pest Control program out there that you trust to protect your lawn and yard from these annoying pests with the help of our Premiere Pest Control service! The experts are at your service to keep you, your family, and home safe from these little monsters.

Tuxedo Employees spraying for insects around a home in Layton Utah

Residential Pest Control and Prevention Services

Tuxedo Yard Care is known as the experts in keeping bugs and pests away from your yard and beloved family. Having worked on multiple projects we have become experts in keeping these irritating bugs away from your yard so that your plants bloom and your family safe.

We have won the trust of Wasatch Front neighborhoods by keeping their homes safe from bugs and pests keeping the chemicals out of their homes as well. Our professional and expert staff prides itself in providing our valued customers with smart pest control solutions in a timely manner. We use safe yet effective solutions to help you get rid of these pests so that you don’t have to worry about breathing in any harmful chemicals while Tuxedo Yard Care is at work in your yard.

Licensed Pest Exterminators

Our professional pest exterminators are licensed by the state of Utah. The license includes expertise in pest identification, development of pest control programs, the extermination of outdoor species of pests. We conduct annual training of our staff to keep them updated on the best practices for pest control and prevention. You can approach us with any pest problems and our professional team will help you get rid of them in a safe yet efficient manner.

We work hard to keep your Wasatch Front Home Pest-Free

We are proud of our perimeter pest control and prevention services at Tuxedo Yard Care as we guarantee to bring you the best applications that will keep your plants and grass healthy as well as pest-free. We believe a lawn is a very personal space and we try our best to keep it healthy for you, that is why we pay so much heed to your vision of a beautiful pest-free yard. We take your vision and transform it into the reality you imagine. Just ring us at 801-540-4713 and we will be there to provide you with a free quote on how we are going to keep your property pest-free.

What makes Tuxedo Yard Care the Best Pest Control Program?

Tuxedo Yard Care brings you incomparable services to make your lawn a success. Our professional pest exterminators, lawn fertilization technicians, and office staff are experienced and prepared to make sure that your lawn blooms to its pest-free full potential pest-free in a safe and healthy way.  So, if you need professional care call us at 801-540-4713, and let us discuss your vision of the perfect lawn and help you get there!

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What services are you interested in?

Looking for reliable lawn care or yard maintenance company in Northern Utah? Well, look no further because here at Tuxedo Yard Care we are your full-service yard care experts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our mission and our promise.

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What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?