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Wasatch Front’s Top Snow Removal Program, Keep Your Property Safe and Snow-Free!

Professional snow removal service is a necessity for many homeowners. There are several benefits to hiring a professional team as opposed to doing it yourself.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Service:

1) Save yourself the time and energy from shoveling or plowing your own driveway or road. You’ve been working hard all year, give yourself a break and hire a snow removal service.

2) safety, not having to shovel the snow yourself will ensure you don’t strain or injure your back or accidentally slip on some unseen ice.

 3) When hiring a professional service, you will get the job done right. A professional is experienced, knowledgeable, and we come when it snows so you don’t even have to think about it.

Tuxedo Yard Care Snow Removal on residential properties

Professional Snow Removal Services

Tuxedo Yard Care is known as the snow removal experts on the Wasatch Front. We pride ourselves in keeping your home and beloved family safe. Being a local company, we are very familiar with how to properly manage snow removal in Utah.

We have won the trust of Wasatch Front neighborhoods by keeping their homes safe with timely snow removal. Our professional and expert staff prides itself in providing our valued customers with smart snow removal solutions that minimize the risk of damaging any property while removing snow. We use safe and timely methods to keep snow at bay whenever it may come.

Licensed Snow Removal Service

Our professional drivers are licensed by the state of Utah.  We conduct annual training of our staff to keep them updated on the best practices for snow removal. We also specialize in communication so if you ever have questions, our team is happy to answer.

We work hard to keep your Wasatch Front Home Snow-Free

We are proud of our snow removal services at Tuxedo Yard Care as we guarantee to bring you the best service. We know how dangerous and frustrating it can be to drive during the winter and keeping your driveway snow free is the best way to start your day during the winter time. Don’t get stuck shoveling snow early in the morning, Just give us a ring at 801-540-4713 and we will be there to provide you with a free quote on our snow removal services.

How It Works

We offer our snow removal services from the time the snow starts to when it stops. Anytime there is significant snowfall we will dispatch the team to keep your driveway snow free. Under our contract we will go out up to 14 times covered under the price of the contract and any time we come out for snow removal after it’s pay per service. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give our office a call!

What Makes Tuxedo Yard Care's Snow Removal Program The Best?

Tuxedo Yard Care brings you incomparable services to make you feel safer during the winter time. Our professional snow removal team and office staff are experienced and prepared to provide top-notch snow removal and world class customer service.  So, if you are looking for professional care call us at 801-540-4713, and let us talk you through what our snow removal service can do for you.

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What services are you interested in?

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What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?