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Most people think of curb appeal and aesthetics when it comes to yard cleanup, but the real benefits of keeping a clean yard are the improvements it can have on your lawn. Removing clutter and keeping your plants healthy can be a great way to maintain lush grass, and using professional cleanup services is the best and easiest way to keep that yard tidy!

Why Choose A Professional Yard Cleanup Service?

Clutter can accumulate very quickly in a yard, and it can be difficult to keep up with the constant maintenance that is required to have a spotless lawn. Fallen leaves, twigs, pinecones, or other tree debris left on top of your turf may not seem like a big deal, but they could end up suffocating areas of your lawn or even transferring disease. To avoid such issues, debris must be removed from your lawn regularly, and there is no better way to accomplish that than by utilizing a professional yard cleanup service.

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Most professional cleanup services offer both a regular cleanup schedule and a one-time cleanup service to tailor the work to whatever your yard’s needs may be. If your yard has a good amount of shrubbery or trees, services like raking and pruning need to be regularly scheduled. If you want to clean up and prepare your lawn for the beginning and/or end of the growing season, a professional seasonal cleanup service is the best way to maintain your lawn’s health. Neglecting maintenance needs at any point throughout the year can destroy greenery, but a professional cleanup service provider will know just how to keep your yard green.

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Access to the best products and equipment is another major benefit of yard cleanup services. The various aspects of yard cleanup require a wide variety of tools and products that take up a lot of space and cost you money. Taking advantage of a professional service means never having to worry about where to store bulky equipment or which products to use at what time. The pros have everything your yard could need, so all you will have to worry about is what to do with your newly cleaned yard!

How Yard Cleanup Saves Your Lawn


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Regular raking throughout the year is the best method of keeping leaves off your lawn, which helps prevent the possible spread of fungal infection from diseased leaves. Raking also breaks up harmful thatch buildup, which commonly leads to lawn compaction and a host of other issues, such as poor drainage, pests, weeds, and more. Raking up leaves, thatch, and other organic debris as soon as possible is important because these objects will suffocate and block nutrients from your grass if they are not dealt with promptly.

Pruning & Trimming

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You probably don’t think of tree trimming as a beneficial service for your lawn, but you would be surprised how many benefits your grass can receive from pruning and trimming. Not only will your shrubs and trees look great all year with regular pruning, your lawn will be spared the spread of decay and disease. Pruning removes dead, decaying, and diseased parts of plants before they fall down onto your lawn and spread their sickness to your grass. Additionally, pruning and trimming can also be performed to give your lawn better access to sunlight. Many grasses perform poorly in shaded conditions, but precise and professional tree trimming can illuminate your lawn and promote healthy growth!

Garden Maintenance

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We all appreciate rows of colors in flower gardens brightening up the neighborhood, and keeping those flowers so beautiful will also help keep your lawn looking vibrant! The edge of flower beds and gardens typically share soil space underground with lawns, where all roots need room to develop. Unfortunately, weeds develop in gardens very frequently due to plants with shallow roots, improper watering, and general neglect. A trustworthy garden maintenance service will regularly tend to your gardens to ensure that the soil and plants remain healthy, which includes preventing weeds from spreading and affecting your lawn.


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You don’t always have to directly treat your grass in order to improve your lawn. Mulching around trees, ornamental plants, gardens, and flower beds improves the health of every bit of greenery found in a yard. A premium, organic mulch will retain moisture and release it slowly into the soil, and it will slowly decompose for added nutrients. Mulch also provides a protective layer across the soil surface that prevents weed seeds from blowing into your yard and germinating. More mulch means healthier soil, which means a much healthier lawn!

One-Time Spring Cleanup

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Your goal at the beginning of every spring should be to make sure your grass and plants are given the care they need to recover from winter. A lot can go wrong as your lawn wakes up from dormancy, so it is crucial to get your lawn in order as quickly as possible. Clearing your lawn of any debris that may have entered your yard over winter is a great way to start your lawn out right! Pest control and weed control needs for the year can be greatly diminished by maintaining a clean and healthy lawn right at the start of spring.

One-Time Fall Cleanup

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Yards and lawns experience months of heavy use all through spring and summer, so it only makes sense that a little cleaning up needs to be done at the end of every growing season. The most important part of fall cleanup is, of course, raking leaves! While raking can be performed throughout the year to keep your lawn healthy, it is absolutely crucial to remove all leaves before the first frost or snowfall. Thick layers of leaves and thatch create the perfect environment for snow mold to develop, and you won’t even notice it until the ground thaws in spring. A detailed, professional fall cleanup service is highly recommended for any and all yards.

Yard Cleanup Services In Utah

Tuxedo Yard Care offers northern Utah all of the yard cleanup services you would expect from a top-quality yard care company. Whether you want only spring and fall cleanups, as-needed cleanups, or a recurring monthly cleanup service, Tuxedo will have your yard and lawn looking sharp! Call today at (801) 540-4713 for a free quote!

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