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Lawn Care in South Weber, UT

Top-Rated Lawn Care In South Weber

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Keeping your yard looking healthy and fresh improves the appearance of your home, as well as your community as a whole. Each individual home and yard makes up the bigger picture of a city or a town, and Tuxedo Yard Care wants to help you do your part in creating a picturesque community. We are a full-service lawn care company that never takes any shortcuts when it comes to providing the best lawn care services in South Weber. When you choose Tuxedo Yard Care, you can trust that we will take every step possible to make your home, yard, and community a beautiful place. 

A Small City With A Big Heart And Big Lawns

South Weber is a smaller city, but it is undoubtedly one of the finest communities anywhere in Utah. So many neighborhoods and streets in South Weber look as though they were lifted straight from a fairy tale. Having once been included in Business Week’s top-ten suburbs in America, the charming residential areas of the city are filled with yards that deserve only the finest lawn care services. Streets like East 7500 South feature properties with lovely homes and yards, and Tuxedo Yard Care wants to ensure that your South Weber property lives up to its full potential!

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

Nick Salimeno
Nick Salimeno
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Second to none in service and they always make my yard look great, and it’s not easy with all the trees. I wouldn’t trust my yard to anyone else. I have been using Tuxedo for a few years now and I am always satisfied with the results. The recent yard cleanup was a lot to tackle, but the guys did fantastic work and made sure it was done right before they left. Beyond satisfied! Great communication and very professional! Highly recommended!
Micah Mohr
Micah Mohr
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I have been using the lawn mowing service for a little over a year and they always do such an amazing job. They make sure my yard has a clean edge and they take the time to clean the grass out of my flower beds. I absolutely love this service. Thanks Nate and crew, for all your hard work!
Peg Romney
Peg Romney
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We have had nothing but good experiences with Tuxedo. They take care of our sprinkler system, respond and take care of any problems that come up, and they also fertilize our lawn. No problems at all.

Lawn Care Services In South Weber, Utah

The wonderful community of South Weber is slowly growing, and the beautiful homes here deserve only the best lawn care services in Utah. We promise the best results for your lawn when you sign up for any of the following services:


Fertilization and Weed Control – When it comes to keeping your lawn green, fertilizing and removing weeds are the most fundamental services you can give your yard. We offer these as one service in a 6-step plan that will ensure your yard gets the nutrients it needs all year long. Every fertilization treatment will also include weed removal and a grub and billbug preventer. Weeds and lawn grubs can overtake your yard quickly, but this service will make sure you have the greenest and healthiest grass in South Weber! 


Aeration – The process of core aeration can be quite beneficial to your yard. For this service, we will remove tiny plugs of thatch from your yard, which will enable your lawn to decompress and have better airflow. This process also allows nutrients and water to be able to get down deep to the roots of your lawn for thicker, lusher grass. 


Lawn Mowing – Cutting your grass is a time-consuming job that needs to be done regularly to keep your lawn in good health. If you are tired of having to fire up the lawn mower every weekend instead of relaxing, our weekly mowing service is just what you need! We will work with you to come up with a schedule that fits your needs. You can count on us to provide you with the most reliable lawn mowing service in South Weber.


Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair – Tuxedo Yard Care will take care of whatever issues are facing your irrigation system. We will fix or replace faulty components, such as sprinkler heads, valves, timers, and more. We will also make sure that the proper zones are set to ensure your lawn gets the optimal watering coverage. When winter comes, we will provide your yard with a sprinkler winterization service that will protect your irrigation system from the harmful winter weather.


Garden and Yard Maintenance – We will come out to your property and clean up any leaves, branches, twigs, or other debris that can accumulate in your yard. Leaf cleanup is especially popular in early spring and late fall. Our garden and yard maintenance service can be tailored to whatever works best for you; we can come out every month, or you can use this service hourly. This service also gives your flowerbeds and bushes special attention, as we will make sure everything is trimmed and looking clean before we leave!


Mulch Installation – Mulch provides an often much needed pop of color to any yard, and it also protects your yard from a variety of natural factors that can harm your soil. Tuxedo Yard Care will provide you with the best mulch installation service in South Weber. We have a variety of mulches that come in different sizes, textures, and colors to give your yard the exact look and feel you want it to have. 


Pest Control – While our fertilization and weed control service includes a grub and billbug preventer, other pests can still find a way onto your turf. Our pest control service will work to eliminate and unwanted intruders from your lawn. We are staffed with licensed exterminators who know how to take care of pest problems quickly and safely. We guarantee to protect your lawn and home with our pest control service. 


Snow Removal – Tuxedo Yard Care has the top snow removal professionals in South Weber. Our technicians are licensed and highly trained in proper and effective snow removal techniques. We will take your slippery and dangerous property and make it safe and walkable in no time! You will save time and the risk of injury when you use our snow removal service.

Help Is One Click Or Call Away!

Tuxedo Yard Care is proud to service Utah, and we have worked hard to become the premier lawn care provider in South Weber. Our comprehensive list of services will take care of whatever your yard needs all year long. To get started today, click on our free survey, or call us at (801) 540-4713 for a free estimate.

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