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Lawn Care in Uintah, UT

Expert Yard Care In Uintah

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Some of the smallest cities take the most pride in the appearance of their communities. As a quaint, family-oriented city, Uintah has a certain down-home feel that is unlike anywhere else in northern Utah. Of course, the first thing anyone notices when driving though or stopping by a community is the quality and maintenance of yards and homes. Tuxedo Yard Care understands the importance of proper yard care in establishing and preserving a small town’s reputation. We promise nothing but the absolute best yard maintenance services in Uintah so you and your neighbors can feel proud to call the city your home. 

From Our Home To Yours

At Tuxedo Yard Care, we know first-hand just what makes the Uintah area so special. We are located right between South Ogden and Uintah, so you can believe us when we tell you how much we care about keeping this community looking its best. From the Weber River to the Wasatch Mountains, we want to take care of every yard in the Uintah area like it’s our own home… because it is!

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us!

David Taylor
David Taylor
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The owner and employees of this company are fantastic! The owner came and did a walk through with me for spring clean up of my yard. Gave me an estimate. Scheduled a time. And sent employees to do the work. The employees worked hard and did an excellent job. Very high quality. I will be using this company for a lot of different services for my yard in the future!
Heather Shambarger
Heather Shambarger
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I can't believe I haven't written a review yet. My bad. I am so satisfied in my end result that Tuxedo gave me with my yard. I am glad I hired them to do the job. I had a jungle that was growing for 12 years. They came in, cleaned everything up. The house and yard look so much better, open and manicured. If I were you I would call them.
Jovita Durfey
Jovita Durfey
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I have been using Tuxedo Yard Care for approximately 4 years. They have always been professional and efficient. They are always quick to address any problems or issues I have, and that in itself is priceless.

Lawn Care Services In Uintah, Utah

The diverse range of weather conditions in northern Utah can wreak havoc on our yards. Dependable, regular lawn maintenance in Uintah is as important as any other bigger city in the area, if not moreso. In such a tight-knit community, every imperfection in your yard is magnified and put on display. Tuxedo Yard Care wants to make sure your yard stays buttoned-up and looking proper at all times. We offer all the services you may need to take care of your yard year-round. 


Fertilization and Weed Control – We offer a 6-treatment program for fertilizing and controlling weeds in your yard. Each treatment features the application of a season-appropriate fertilizer, weed control, and weed prevention. Our last treatment of the year will be a winterization of your yard to best prepare it for the colder months.  


Aeration – Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of thatch and debris from your soil in order to allow your yard to breathe and absorb more nutrients. Aeration creates some of the healthiest and greenest lawns possible. This is an under-utilized service in many areas, and the results can make your yard stand out from the crowd in a community like Uintah.


Lawn Mowing – Where would any of our yards be without regular lawn mowing? Our weekly mowing service will keep your grass at a proper and healthy length. You can trust us to keep your lawn looking tidy every week.


Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair – Many customers in northern Utah have been satisfied with our sprinkler maintenance and repair services for years. Irrigation systems are important each and every year, and we are happy to come out and make sure everything is in working order before the damaging heat of summer comes. We will even show you how to set timers and change zones for your sprinklers. No matter what kind of issue you need addressed, Tuxedo Yard Care will take care of all your irrigation system needs. 


Garden Maintenance – Our cleanup services are among the most popular jobs we offer. Whether you want a regular monthly cleanup or just a one-time cleanup, we will be there to remove any and all debris and get your garden and yard back in shape. This service also includes removing weeds from flower beds, trimming shrubs, trimming low tree branches, and many other tasks you may request to keep your garden clean. 


Mulch Installation – We have a number of different mulches for you to choose from so you can get your yard looking how you always dreamed it would look. Mulch can make a big difference in both the appearance and health of your yard. You select the right mulch for you, and we install it!


Pest Control – Our technicians include licensed pest exterminators who will work hard to keep your yard bug-free. The professionals at Tuxedo Yard Care are trained to identify and remove common lawn pests in Uintah. They will not rest until your lawn is free from pests!


Snow Removal – The safety of your home is our top priority when it comes to our snow removal service. We have certified drivers and technicians who know exactly how to keep your home safe from hazardous winter conditions.

Call For The Best Care In Uintah!

Tuxedo Yard Care knows how to provide the best lawn care services in Uintah because we have been doing it for years. You will not find another lawn care company in Utah that cares about this community the way we do. If you are ready to get your yard looking sharp and ready to impress, call Tuxedo Yard Care at (801) 540-4713!

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