Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

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You may already know that landscaping will increase the beauty of your home and make the
outdoor areas more enjoyable, but will it improve your home’s value? There is reason to
believe that good landscaping will boost the market value of your property.

According to the Appraisal Institute, improving your property’s landscaping can result in a
significant return on investment when selling your home. The National Association of
Realtor’s 2018 Modeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features  and other sources show that:

  • Lawn care services achieve an ROI of 267%, making it the most important
    landscaping item.
  • Tree care and landscape maintenance return 100% and at the very least, you can
    expect to break even.
    Good landscaping can shorten a property’s days-on-the-market by as much as six
  • It is not uncommon for patio landscaping to raise the home’s value by up to 12.4%

Furthermore, the value added by good landscaping is immediate and also increases with time.
Unlike other home improvements which lose their appeal with age and as home design trends
change, mature trees and a well-kept yard become more valuable with time.

But this is not the case for all landscaping projects. Some landscaping features add more
value than others do, while some will actually hurt your property’s value, warns Alliance
Management. Which landscaping features should you add to your property and which ones
should you avoid?

Landscaping features that will increase your home’s value

1. A manicured lawn

well manicured lawn

The lawn is the most eye-catching element of your landscaping. If well-kept, it has a
magnetic effect on visitors. It gives potential buyers a safe space to relax, plus space
for their kids and pets to play.

2. Trees and shrubs

Mature trees in the yard keep adding value to the home as they age. Buyers know
installing a mature tree is costly and they will pay more if there are mature trees on
the property.

3. A well kept garden

If the garden is healthy and tidy, buyers feel as if they are dealing with a homeowner
who stays up-to-date with maintenance. This will positively influence the way the
buyer views the home.

4. Beautiful pathways

This could be the pathway leading to the front door or paved walkways around the
yard. Stone and decorated concrete pathways which are in good condition reflect
positively on the home’s value.amcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

5. Planned lighting

Outdoor lighting plays four important roles it illuminates the home and the
landscaping, makes navigating the yard easier, improves security, and serves as
ornaments. But lighting must be planned to do these things effectively.

6. Fresh mulch

Surprisingly, fresh mulch is rated almost as highly as lawn care by buyers. Mulch
around the base of plants will check weed growth, help to regulate soil temperature,
and discourage soil erosion.

7. Outdoor kitchen and dining

Outdoor kitchen in the backyard

A well-outfitted outdoor kitchen extends the ways the outdoor areas of a home can be
used. This feature is highly desired by people who spend a lot of time outdoors or
entertain frequently.

8. Container plants and hardscaping features

Potted plants to dress up the porch will add pops of color to the home. Hardscaping
features like stone retaining walls, rock gardens, stone walkways, and benches help to
add charm.

9. Smart irrigation system

Smart irrigation systems cut down on how much water the yard uses and how much
work homeowners do. Whatever reduces the effort of looking after a yard will
increase the home’s value.

10. Professionally-designed landscape

Landscaping that is professionally designed will be cohesive. It will also match the
home’s architectural style, neighborhood trends, and the area’s climate and soil. This
will have a big influence on the home’s value.

Landscaping features that will decrease your home’s value

1. Artificial grass

Close up of fake grass

Although often recommended to homeowners who want to reduce their lawn
maintenance burden, artificial grass will depress your home’s value. It looks like the
real thing but will buyers know the difference.

2. Outdoor water features

Outdoor water features can be a great addition depending on your neighborhood and
the buyer you are dealing with. But some buyers see them as too much work and will
avoid homes that have them.

3. Oversized patio

A large concrete patio defeats the goal of creating a green zone around your home. A
little bit of concrete will enhance the yard, but too much and the landscaping will look

4. Over-personalized landscape design

Regardless of how beautiful and creative the landscaping design is, if it is so unique
that other people cannot easily identify with it, the landscaping will hurt the home’s

5. Hot tubs and swimming pools

From a perspective of how much fun they are to use, these are great features to have
in the property. But hot tubs and swimming pools are also very costly to maintain.

6. A sports court

The main problem with building a sports court in your yard is it takes up space that
would have been used for a lawn. Moreover, not every buyer will be interested in that

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