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Lawn Care In Farmington, UT

Expert Yard Care In Farmington

Farmington, UT shines as one of the pride-inducing cities in northern Utah, and the reasons for this sentiment are abundantly evident. The city presents a splendid community characterized by expansive parks, exceptional educational institutions, and homes that are both modest and charming. As a burgeoning community, it becomes imperative that Farmington garners the recognition it truly merits – a remarkable locale. This is precisely where our role unfolds. At Tuxedo Yard Care, we have shouldered the responsibility of enhancing the splendor of Farmington and its surrounding areas by delivering top-tier yard care services to every household. Regardless of your distinct yard and lawn maintenance needs, we take great pride in our capability to offer assistance.

What We Do

Professional Service

It can be difficult choosing a yard care or lawn service company in Weber and Davis counties with so many options out there. We make the decision a whole lot easier by working hard to make sure our clients are thoroughly pleased with our quality and follow-up.

man spraying liquid aeration over a lawn

Fertilization & Weed Control

Our Lawn Fertilization and weed control program is the key to taking your lawn to that lush, green perfection. So whether you have a yellow lawn or a weedy lawn, this is the program for you.


Weekly Lawn Mowing

We pride ourselves on beautiful lawn patterns while we trim and edge in that clean crisp look that you love. Our weekly mowing service is guaranteed to give you the look that you want.


Sprinkler Repair And Maintenance

Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance cover anything and everything sprinklers: startups and testing, winterization and blowouts, backflow testing, and everything else you can think of irrigation.


Flower Bed And Yard Cleanups

Flower Bed and Yard Cleanups are the perfect way to make your flowerbeds stand out from all the rest. We do it all from tree trimming to bush pruning. Call us at any time of the year.



Aeration and De-Thatching takes your lawn to the next level. Whether you want a jump start in the spring or a strong finish in the fall, aeration and power raking is the secret for you. This key yard care service is a must.


Mulch Installation

Adding mulch to your flowerbeds not only does a great job locking in moisture for your soil, but also makes your yard look amazing. Our mulch installation program is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.


Pest Control

No one likes unwanted guests in their home. Our Pest Control program is an amazing way for you to stop those bugs before they come in. We keep all chemicals outside the home.

What Your Neighbors Think

Great quality professional service all around. Alejandro and Blake, are very hard workers, nice, and extremely respectful. Their work speaks for itself. Great communication by always asking if there is anything they can improve on. 10/10 would recommend Tuxedo.

Nason Archuleta

If you are looking for great lawn service, call Tuxedo Yard Care. Our lawn looks amazing and for what I believe is a great value. My guys, Brenner and Izik are always courteous, professional, and speedy. They always remember to close the gates so my dogs don’t get out of the yard. Love that!

Rob Freeman

This is my first year using Tuxedo Yard Care. I have not been disappointed! Every person from scheduling to mowing to mulching has been kind, easy to speak with and most of all professional. I highly recommend them. Thank you Jose C, Cody, Justin and Alton

Ninfa Ramirez-Conroy

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Clean Yards In Farmington

Farmington is one of northern Utah’s fastest growing communities. From the beautiful Farmington Creek Waterfall to the Great Salt Lake, Farmington is a wonderful destination for families and new households. We want to make sure the city keeps getting more popular, so we always promise top-notch lawn care in Farmington! Let Tuxedo Yard Care give your lawn, home, and community a polished look that you’ll be proud of!


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