How to check your lawn for grubs

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Hi, this is James Ingram with tuxedo yard care and we’re out here in Clinton today identifying some turf damaging insects. If you have a question on whether it’s bugs or drought, you can always do what I like to do and do the tug test. If your lawn pills back like carpet like this, you know that you have some kind of infestation. In this particular case, we have billbugs. They are a small, redheaded white robe. That’s pretty small in size. Their white grubs tend to get a little bit larger, and you can identify the difference because white grubs will have four legs in the front is where billbugs have none. If you do notice these little guys in your turf, you will want to get an insecticide application on that as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need help with that, please give us a call 801-540-4713 or at tuxedo yard Thanks

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