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How to Trim Daylillies

Hi, James with tuxedo yard care. Today I want to talk with you about dailies for just a moment. These are a very popular plant that a ton of people have in their landscapes. And it makes sense that everybody has them because they are a great plant. They’re they’re great looking. They’re super low maintenance, they’re just awesome plants. So they do require a little bit of maintenance in the fall here. So we’re in November here and the dailies are pretty much done for the year. And so what you want to do is make sure and get them cut back. So I’m going to kind of show you these dailies here. So what you want to do is take your pruners, just kind of pull these back a little bit, just take your pruners and cut back there. And then just cut them off, you don’t want to pull them out of the ground. If you pull the root system out, they won’t come back next year because these are perennial. So make sure and just cut them off there. That gets everything cleaned up for the winter. And looking good. You don’t have to it won’t hurt them if you want to do it in the spring. But it’s definitely good to do it now just so that everything looks nice and clean for the winter. And that’s one less chore to do in the spring. So that’s it for today. Have a great day. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help. So yeah


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