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Kaysville Spring Cleanup Tip

Hey this is James with tuxedo yard care just out here on a yard that we take care of out in late and I thought I’d share with you real quick why you should stay on top of your yard for spraying and jump on it as quick as you can because it will creep up quick on you and you’ll get behind so make sure your leaves are cleaned up as quick as possible especially if you got big pile sitting on the lawn or on other plants it will kill them for sure. So make sure that’s a big one. You can see back behind me we got pine needles a lot that we need to clean up here. They can be super acidic in the soil want to get those cleaned up. Make sure you’re getting your perennials cut back so they’re ready for spring. Make sure that your brushes are trimmed, weeds are pulled everything’s just on top of install bark if you need to freshen it up or install new bark if you’re tired of pulling weeds and just make sure to jump on top of that because it’s way easier right now than it will be late April. early May and especially into June because by then things are growing like crazy. You’re behind, and then you got a major project on your hands. So I’ll try to shoot another video this house when we, when we get it done because we’re going to do a spring cleanup where it’s not in too bad of shape. So we did a fall clean up but we’re gonna install some fresh bark and we’ll get everything cleaned up and pruned and ready to go. We’re gonna plant some flowers and just get this property ready for spring and then when this lawn greens up, this place is just going to look amazing. So anyway, if you need more information or would like help or anything, or would just like to talk to us, give us a call at 801-540-4713 or you can visit our website tuxedo yard care calm. We’ll have a great day. We’ll see you later. Bye

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