Ogden Lawn Mowing Tip

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Hi, James with tuxedo yard care. Today I want to talk with you about mowing directions and why we change directions each time we mow and why it’s so important. So the number one reason is it’s going to prevent running. If you go the same direction each and every week, it’s going to run the lawn over time and you don’t want that number two reason is it’s going to cause the grass to lay down over time and you don’t want that either. So by changing directions that help keep the lawn from laying down and staying upright. So number three reason is you get a cool checkerboard pattern going on. A lot of times like you can see on this lawn that we mowed just yesterday behind me.

Sometimes we got a really tiny area, it doesn’t make sense to change directions, you’ll do more harm than good and really tight areas. But in most areas, it makes sense to change direction. It’s healthy for the lawn, and you can get some cool designs out of it. So that’s it for today. Have a great day. We’ll see you later. Bye

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