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Roy Utah Sprinkler Tip of the Week

Hey James here with tuxedo yard care. We are out here in Roy utah today and it is time to get your sprinkler system going for the year. We still have cool weather and we’re getting some rain here there. So need to no need to water yet. You just want to get it up and running and make sure you’re ready to go for that hot weather because it is right around the corner. What you want to do is get your main valve turned on, you want to test all of your zones, you want to check for leaks between your main lines and all of your zone lines. You want to make sure that everything is working properly, your heads are turning the right way they’re spraying properly, make those adjustments, replace things as needed. You want to check right in your valve boxes. Make sure your wiring is good to go. Make sure that your valves aren’t leaking. You just want to check everything. Get your clock programmed. And just yeah, make sure you’re good to go. If sprinklers aren’t your thing or if you’re just too busy and you want some help. We are happy to help. We have amazing irrigation guys that do this all day every day. Our phone numbers 801-540-4713 or it’s tuxedo yard care.com And we’d love to help you if you want some help and stay safe out there and have a great day. Bye

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What services are you interested in?