Do NOT let your hose freeze

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Hi James with tuxedo yard care today I want to talk with you about the water faucet outside your home. It is late fall approaching winter. And if you’ve not done so already please detach the hose from your faucet. What can happen is is the water can get trapped in there. And especially if you’ve got a water attachment like this one like a spray nozzle or something and the water will get trapped in there and then it will go up into the faucet and it’ll freeze the faucet and it’s a frost free faucet they generally don’t freeze but if you got a hose attached, they can freeze so make sure to detach that at a bare minimum. Beyond that I’d recommend take your hose and lay it out across the slope and let it drain out naturally and get the water out of the hose and then roll it up and put it in your garage or somewhere out of the weather for the winter. And then you’re good to go. If you want to take a few steps further, like we do we blow out the hoses complete with a compressor and then that gets them completely dried out. And then you can also get a cover for the faucet like at Home Depot or a hardware store for an add some added protection but the faucets generally okay. Without that added protection but if you want it to you can so that’s it. If you have any questions give us a call 801-540-4713 or tuxedo yard Have a great day.

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