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Sprinkler Maintenance

Don’t Ruin Your Sprinkler System – Get Sprinkler Winterization!

Winter is coming, and it is bringing cold weather that can do a lot of damage to your sprinkler system. That’s why it’s important to get sprinkler winterization services from a professional company! Companies like Tuxedo Yard Care make sure all your irrigation components are in good condition and prepared to take on the cold! 

Do NOT let your hose freeze

Hi James with tuxedo yard care today I want to talk with you about the water faucet outside your home. It is late fall approaching

Protect Backflow Preventer Valve

Hi, if you’re not planning to winterize, your irrigation system this year, just please do one thing, make sure that your backflow preventer or vacuum

Leaky Stop and Waste Valve

We get a lot of calls in the spring and in the fall about this valve, this is your stopping waste valve. It’s a very

sprinkler winterization
Sprinkler Maintenance

How To Winterize Your Sprinkler System

As winter’s chill approaches, it’s time to think about protecting your valuable sprinkler system from the freezing temperatures that can wreak havoc on its components.

U Nozzle Sprinkler Head

Hi, James with tuxedo yard care. Today I want to give you a quick tip on nozzles for your sprinkler system. So if you look

Utah Sprinkler Tip of the Week

Hi, James with tuxedo yard care here, which means the temperatures are starting to drop, which means you need to dial your timer back as